We’re looking for a dynamic, proactive person with studies and / or experience in the education sector to join our team. The person should have a high motivation to be trained and to develop the necessary skills to be able to coordinate, manage and supervise the learning programs of professional adult students, as well as how to motivate and encourage them to achieve their objectives.

There would be an initial training phase followed by a full incorporation into the company with opportunities for professional development and promotion.


- Planning and coordination of educational programs for small and individual groups.
- Communication with students and teachers regarding the programs and courses.
- Supervision, proposal for improvements and general evaluation of training programs.
- Customer service and advice to students in the informational and enrollment process.
- Level testing of student’s knowledge of English.


- Proven experience in similar functions or recent university graduates with no experience, preferably with a degree in Education, English, Marketing, Sales, Customer service or Public Relations.
- Dynamic and proactive candidate
- Proficient in English speaker.
- High level of Spanish.
- Desirable: Availability in the afternoons/evenings

 VISA REQUIREMENTS (different options)

a) EU Citizens
b) Non-EU citizens with fully valid work permit for Spain
c) Non-EU citizens holding a 1-year student visa
d) Non-EU citizens living for at least three years in Spain on a student visa (we can help you convert it into a work visa).

SALARY (two options)

a) Full-time position. 1200-1500€/month.
b) Part-time position (20 hours week). 600-750€/month

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